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Kaminsky Nikolay Pavlovich

Alexey Pavlovich Kaminsky was born in 1963 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij. Has left the Serpukhov art school of Buzovkina. In 1985 has finished the Moscow automotive institute. Worked as the designer in all-union scientific research institute Motoprom in Serpukhov. With its participation models of mopeds, the car for dorozhno-line fault service are created. Throughout more than 30 years is engaged in painting, in city exhibitions of painting participates from the end of 70th years. Many of A.P.Kaminsky's works are in private domestic and foreign collections. The constant participant of annual opening days of the Serpukhov artists. Personal exhibitions (Serpukhov): "Close in paints" - 2005 "beauty Measurement" - 2006 "the Solar patch of light" - 2007.