Vyacheslav Guljaev

Was born 2/8/1956 the First works wrote in the House of Pioneers at the age of 9-10 years. Further in 1970 has gone to art school, and in it it has received art education. After army, in 1977 has entered the institute, and in 1983 has finished it, and to this day writes remarkable pictures. Significant work - September. Nature violence, violence of paints, a landscape. The nature to prepare for winter, actually, as the person with the lifting periods. "September in Serpukhov, Cathedral mountain. Since childhood it filled me with positive emotions. The Creek too me very strongly involved, its ships... Looking at them, I represent the sea... Oka. The Second picture - Tarusa. Its favourite city removing stress, removes everything that has collected from a bad feeling, clears all negative in a shower. Tarusa makes the big impression." There is no saying, Tarusu can't be explained words, she plays great value in my creativity... It my outlet...

Tarusa fills me with the big impressions. I love it...."

Still-lifes - he loves not spiritualized dead subjects in which it finds an interesting composition, color relations... The Main thing - the person... Its elements - naked nature, with love, passion, with nervous impulses, it much about what can tell.... It is a beauty Wreath, therefore naked nature interests me. I like to draw naked models, I find in them the best. "To create, create, write... Here a wreath of all of that I do... To create, create the dreams on a canvas" Here that Vyacheslav Guljaev wishes young artists.