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Elena Andreeva

Elena Jurevna Andreeva was born on January, 18th, 1967 in Ingulets of Dnepropetovsky region Ukraine. In 1980 has moved together with parents to Yakutia and has lived there about 30 years.

In Yakutia in Successful it was in absentia trained at the Moscow University of Arts in them. Krupsky on branch it is decorative-oformitelnogo applied art.

Elena Jurevna has started to be engaged in painting in Yakutia. As she speaks, the first picture has dreamed it. Its first pictures have been connected with the Yakut epos "Alanho". Subsequently works in this area have poured out in creation of the whole collection of various works under the name «the Earth Alanho – the earth of spirits». Pictures in this series are written in various directions: surrealism, ethnic realism, install inserts from a tusk of a mammoth, gold, silver. The given collection Elena Jurena wants to show наколько the Yakut earth is spiritually rich. To replenishment of the given collection it comes back and now.

In 2006 Elena Jurevna has moved to Serpukhov where has got acquainted with V.V.Grigoryan and has entered a society of artists RUISO. During membership in a society to it it has been written about 60 pictures. Quite often pictures are drawn with application of rare and unique materials, for example with use of a tusk of a mammoth.

Elena Jurevna was repeatedly exposed in Yakutia, Moscow, etc. regions of Russia. Its many pictures are now in private collections as in Russia and abroad.