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The newspaper "Sovet" of interview of Elena Andreevoj


Force of Yakutia not only in severity of its climate. Each span of the earth here is impregnated by ancient legends, legends on mysterious lakes, surprising monsters, mysterious spirits. Also it is impossible to collect all these legends in a single whole. Yakutia piously stores the legends and not everyone to them admits. Between a society and miracles the door closed on set of locks is put. But there are people to whom possibility to open this door for all who wishes is given and is able to see miracles. One of keys has appeared in hands at artist Elena Andreevoj.


You write so as if Russian soul have taken out from your breast and have enclosed in it Yakut, ­ the old shaman has told once to Elena Andreevoj, having come on an exhibition of its works. Each cloth breathed surprising harmony, wisdom and mystery. That it is impossible to understand, without having experienced. As the Russian girl who has got to Yakutia at early age, could understand a essence of this earth, till now remains a riddle. Its neither severe frosts, nor a taiga didn't frighten. Interest to miracles was much stronger also some dews together with the young artist. Amazed Elena not only legends, but also a life of Yakuts. In student's years, together with other students – fur farmers, it has arrived to small settlement. The mistress has flung the doors open the dark house with the windows tightened by the bull bubble … Directly from the earth which here served as a floor, in that place where the unique bright beam of the sun fell, to light the small sprout lasted. It, thin, cared and cherished, as if an apple garden. This touching care has amazed Elena, and till now this tiny episode from life is bright in its memory. Here from such tiny slices her soul also was forged: whether Russian, whether and really Yakut …


The first picture on themes of the Yakut legends has come to Elena Andreevoj in the sleep. Subsequently it has received the name "Silence". A series also has begun with it «the Earth Alanho – the earth of spirits». Alanho is to yo-other the Yakut earth, and all works are devoted the Yakut national epos with the same name. Is believed, in each element of a life, the spirit lives in each surrounding subject – live or lifeless–. Under laws to draw these spirits it is impossible, but some time ago shamans have allowed to represent to artists mysterious keepers of life. In a series «the Earth Alanho – the earth of spirits» Elena could open talent of the artist, bright imagination and ability to see not only a world surface, but also its magic. In the course of time works than twenty were typed more. In Yakutia it is a lot of spirits, and not all of them are widely known. At times about existence of legends the artist learned directly at exhibitions when who - some from spectators approached to it and told that heard the surprising legend. Here so, on the sly, mysterious inhabitants of the earth Alanho also gathered. Spirits are gusty, quiet, they one or are surrounded by animals … such different, but in eyes at them surprising wisdom which it is thin has transferred a brush.

At Elena Andreevoj's spirits of the person of real people. Becoming image for this or that hero of the Yakut legend, they at all didn't suspect that their life can descend with trodden a track. But descended. And from time to time changed radically. That seemed not important, left on the foreground, found sense. The spirit as if added the rules in destiny of the person. Sometimes the picture as if observed that occurs in destiny of the owner. If there was a feeling in the morning that the picture smiles, – day will pass successfully if longs, – problems are expected, and this sign was more true than a black cat or spilled salt. Probably, it is similar to feeling of heat and kindness which is caused in us by the favourite book. Difficult it than-yoto to explain, but words of gratitude which were received by Elena for the products, simply prove this inexplicable.


Elena decorates the products natural materials­ fur, a skin, stones, a tusk of a mammoth. It would like to transfer all riches of this surprising earth, all its many-sided nature and beauty. Nature and paint gifts so harmoniously supplement each other that from apart at times it is impossible to understand that it actually. Transfer processing of materials to another still it couldn't, it was necessary most to master the grinding machine tool, evenings, after work to process small slices of a tusk to create from them the integral part of a picture. Its heroes carry necklaces, at Spirit of the Deer even hand­ from a horn. While Elena worked over this product, it was not possible to it to write a brush in any way. Whatever tried, it turned out not so, it is not correct … And here once when tormented doubts the artist tried to create again to spirit a hand, from a shelf to her feet the horn piece has fallen. Elena has put it to a cloth … and long evenings after that gave to a horn a necessary kind. And it has turned out that a brush at a deer three-fingered, but from a natural material.


Pictures of the artist, as well as it is necessary to surrealistic cloths, caused a storm of absolutely different emotions in a shower of spectators. At exhibitions someone approached with delight words, someone shrank, someone admitted that at first these pictures weren't pleasant to it, but after repeated viewings became clear and close. People needed time to get used to so unusual images which, besides, tell about another's culture. Though actually cultures of Yakutia and average Russia have something in common. Yakuts have White God, at us – the Lord. At them udagan - shaman, our angels. Sense almost identical. But, possibly, soon we will see characters, whose sense to us will be clear and without explanations. Legends of the slavic people also carry away the artist. And how many heroes were in our legends, and what different … but while it only ideas and plans. Now the artist writes philosophical themes to surrealistic cloths, searches for new sides of the talent. Having got over three years ago to Serpukhov, she began to give more attention to realism. Elena and in Yakutia didn't forget about the validity, here such cloths it became simple more. And in them too there is a special share of magic and some especial kindness.

Here, in a city, Elena has found friends, having entered a society of artists RUISO. They have helped it to find new admirers of the talent, the new spectator. Already as the clubman Elena held exhibitions in Serpukhov. The artist such friendship very much joyfully to the creative person needs dialogue with the same not ordinary people then the sprout of new product inside arises.


So has developed that the house at Elena Andreevoj isn't present any picture. As if flight of birds, it releases them in the big world. It would like to surprise not only ready works- it would be desirable to study, be improved, create new pictures and also to release them. To those who will estimate and will fall in love. To those who can estimate its imagination, art taste and a non-standard. To those who in surrealistic images will feel all force of it of surprisingly edge – the earths Alanho.