Смотрите боди массаж москва на нашем сайте.

The newspaper «Oksky courier»

From the beginning of October in Serpukhov the gallery-workshop in the street Voroshilov, 133/16 works. All interested persons can not only visit free of charge an exhibition and admire presented works,

But also to bring own pictures or an embroidery, a sculpture or carved products on display or sale.

The gallery was organized by a society of artists «RUISO» which are headed by the Serpukhov artist Vladimir Vladimirovich Grigoryan. While in it about 20 masters from 12 till 75 years.

The gallery is filled by pictures, basically it is works of artists from Serpukhov, but there are also products of artists from Lithuania. Painting directions the most different: from realism, constructivism to impressionism and avant-guard. Besides works of modern writers here it is possible to meet pictures 1943 and 1950, truth, their authors aren't known. And in gallery the photo, a picture from candy wrappers, an embroidery a dagger wait for visitors woodcarving. In the future the society of artists plans to fill up the gallery with sculptures.

E.Andre, V.Grigoryan, V.Guljaev, N.Kochetova, N.Rybina's works are presented to galleries, etc.

If visitors want to get any picture they can agree about the price with artists. The gallery works from 9.00 till daily, except Monday, ph. 8-926-598-10-88, 8-916-467-68-39.

Source: http://www.ok-kurier.ru